Thirteen Bled Promises

2014/03/15 - 21:00

The heliosphere is the region in space where the planets of our solar system are. At the end of this magnetic bubble there is the heliopause, which marks the limit of the sun’s influence. At the end of 2009, Thirteen Bled Promises, a band from Planet Earth closed ranks, with members from Spain, Hawaii, Colombia and Argentina in the city of Madrid. The severity of their first demo, DISIMPREGNATIONS (2010), strongly pushed their presence on the web and in the media and took them to share the stage with Avulsed, Entombed, The Black Dahlia Murder, Bleed From Within, As They Burn, Shattered Realm, Looking For An Answer, Dawn Of The Maya and many more. The obsession of these abductees with Sci-Fi/Horror themes has steered them into the creation of a universe of their own. In their debut album HELIOPAUSE FLEETS (2012) they warn us, with more brutality than ever, about the dangers of the unknown outer space. This year, 2012, Voyager 1, a ship launched by NASA with information about Planet Earth and its occupants, will go closer to the heliopause than anything from here ever has before.